"Europe and Global Challenges" is the 3rd Workshop of the Project on: "Europe’s Global Linkages and the Impact of the Financial Crisis: Policies for Sustainable Trade, Capital Flows, and Migration" – GLOBAL LINKAGES.

About the project
The successful integration into global markets is widely viewed as a precondition for sustainable economic growth in Europe. Since 2007 the financial crisis has damaged Europe’s global linkages in international trade, direct investments, capital flows, and labour migration. The threat of a lasting setback presents the policy community at the national, European, and global level with the challenge of creating favourable conditions for a return to growth-enhancing global economic integration, beyond the financial sector reforms currently discussed.

To inform such policies, GLOBAL LINKAGES addresses the following questions:

  • How are international trade and direct investments affected by financial integration and potentially tighter restrictions on bank lending due to the financial crisis?
  • How are international banking operations emerging from the crisis?
  • How is international labour migration related to international trade and investment, and how will tighter immigration policies since the crisis affect trade and investment?

FEEM focuses on the last bullet point. Working closely with the other partners in the project, it uses newly available global data on bilateral migrant stocks and other international transactions to draw a comprehensive picture of the interaction between international migration, trade, and FDI at the global level.


Further details of the workshop will be available soon.