This seminar is aimed at presenting the results of two closely linked studies on innovation in energy-efficient technologies. Both studies are the result of a selection of patents relative to energy-efficient technologies based on the EPO/OECD PATSTAT Database. 

The Determinants of Energy Efficiency in Fossil-Fuel Electricity Production
Elena Verdolini studies the determinants of energy efficiency in fossil-fuel electricity generation with a particular focus on the contribution of the stock of energy efficient technologies and innovations. The empirical analysis is based on a sample of 23 OECD countries between 1976-2005. Results indicate that energy efficiency in electricity generation is affected by the the availability of inputs, the expectation regarding energy prices, but also by the stock energy-efficient innovations. 

The determinants of innovation in Electricity GenerationTechnologies
Elisa Lanzi studies the determinants of innovation in electricity generation technologies taking into account energy-efficient technologies for both fossil-fuel based and renewable electricity generation. The analysis is conducted using patent data on 18 OECD countries over the period 1976-2005. Separate estimations are done for the two technology types. It is found that both fossil fuel prices and R&D expenditure drive innovation in electricity generation technologies.