The workshop is structured in three sessions: 1. Role of gas in East Africa; 2. Strategies for gas demand development; 3. Developing regional transport infrastructure. Academic, think tank, public and private sector eminent experts and representatives will attend the event. 

Eastern Africa Shared Gas Infrastructure Initiative is a jointly research project by FEEM, KAPSARC and the COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SIPA CENTER ON GLOBAL ENERGY POLICY. The research investigates potential demand for natural gas in the Eastern African region based on the development of resources. The countries analyzed include Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and South Africa. The study looks at the best ways to effectively develop gas use in these countries based on case studies and investigates potential for more localized use of natural gas. Also the role renewable energies can play in the interaction with natural gas will be addressed. Moreover, the project analyzes to what extent the availability of gas supplies can trigger additional demand developments beyond what could be achieved due to normal energy demand growth and substitution.