Climate change is expected to increase risks to businesses, infrastructure, assets and economies. Understanding how to involve the private sector in responding to these risks – or encouraging them to take advantage of the new business opportunities that may arise from changing climate conditions – is crucial to catalyze greater investment in activities that increase countries, businesses, and communities’ resilience.

CPI’s analysis focus on the approaches developed by seven Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to overcome constraints to private investments in climate resilience. The research also provides insights from a workshop on strategies and business models that could help to scale up current efforts.

During the seminar, Chiara and Federico will:

  • Provide an overview on the barriers to private investment in climate resilience, with an emphasis on the differences between developed and developing countries
  • Share the lessons emerging from a sub-set of financing and non-financing approaches devised by selected DFIs
  • Highlight the policy levers that can spur private actors’ involvement in climate resilience
  • Discuss possible ways to stimulate greater private and public investment in climate resilience to foster debate on how to close the current climate change risk management gap

This seminar has been jointly organized by CPI and FEEM.