Africa, through its wide range of renewable energy options can transform its potential into reality through massive deployment of solar, hydropower, geothermal and wind, though only with useful information and planning. There are several examples of countries moving beyond the starting blocks and entering the fast lane, it is within the realm of possibility for Africa to lead the low carbon development trajectory, trading in low carbon consumable goods, deciding on its own formula and mix of green technologies with a reasonable dose of fossil fuel usage and embarking on a development process that is aligned with national and continental ambitions and plans.

The Lecture will be held in English.
Lecturer: Dr. Fatima Denton

Dr. Denton is an accomplished senior leader in the UN system, respected across the research and implementation branches of the organization. She has depth of expertise in natural resource management, as well as deep knowledge of research and policy development, and the African region. Prior to joining UNU-INRA, Dr. Denton had worked with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Ethiopia since 2012. Her roles included Director of the Natural Resource Management Division and Coordinator of the African Climate Policy Centre.