The work to be presented includes three folds. Firstly, we present an original study on the economic valuation of climate change impacts on forest ecosystem and human welfare at the European scale, part of the EIBURS-CLIBIO project. In the study, we show how different economic components can be valued in a changing climate; in particular, specific valuation strategies are developed, including the use of ecosystem-abased MA approach, geo-climate groupings and IPCC storylines. The Total Economic Value of Forest Ecosystem is exhausted in our study as we consider all value components that can be tackled by the existing valuation techniques. Finally, the economic losses/gains due to the changing climate as well as different political emphasis are derived from the comparison of A1, B1 and B2 storyline with the A2 benchmark storyline. Secondly, we explain how our initial results will be integrated into a CGE model, which is the ultimate target of the CLIBIO project. Lastly, we will present and discuss the idea of exploring the relationship/role of alternative biodiversity indicators in the mapping of the provision of the ecosystem services