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The project related to the SDGs’ Interconnections aims at providing an integrated literature review concerning existing indicators and index-building processes for sustainable development. The research on the analysis of 2030 Agenda SDGs’ interconnections plays a major role in supporting the implementation of the SDGs at the national and local levels, on the one hand promoting the recognition of the indivisible and interconnected nature of the Goals and their targets, and on the other hand supporting institutions and decision-makers in the elaborations of appropriate integrated policies.

Main results and outputs

The project aims to:

  • Identify quantitative methods of analysis on the topic of SDGs’ interconnections;
  • Proceed with a pilot application for in house data of an appropriate quantitative methodology, identified also thanks to the above-mentioned literature review;
  • Connect the theoretical model and the private investment sector;
  • Implement ad hoc innovative methods and models in order to capture synergies and trade-offs existing among the SDGs and their targets.