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The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is a cornerstone of the current global energy system. Oil has shaped the domestic socioeconomic model, contributed to form the existing ruling elites as well as positioned the MEA region at the center of the architecture of energy geopolitics of the XXth century. At the same time, the MEA region domestic energy pathway (in particular due to low energy prices) is largely unsustainable. The business model relying on hydrocarbon exports may also at some point become unsustainable.

The project will address both domestic and international drivers. Domestically, key socioeconomic and energy features that will enable MEA countries to foster the energy and economic transformation will be analysed. Internationally, the potential geopolitical implications of the global clean energy transition for MEA countries will be evaluated. This includes assessing future strategies of MEA producing countries to adapt their business model to the future energy landscape.

The results and outputs of the projects will include:

  • A multi-disciplinary and holistic vision on the main aspects of relevance for the energy transition in the MEA region both in the domestic and in the international spheres;
  • Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Working Papers on specific regional countries and international players as well as key international energy issues (e.g. energy security);
  • Peer reviewed journal articles on specific aspects of relevance to be identified during the project;
  • Workshop with leading experts on energy transition in the MEA region as well as international and regional affairs.