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With this project, FEEM supports one of the main activities of Eni sustainability strategy. The Eni’s project aims at ensuring support to the socio-economic development of local communities boosting economic diversification through the construction of a training center capable of accommodating up to 800 students per year, to support the local population in the process of strengthening their entrepreneurial skills and the labor market. The aim is to create a sustainable campus model able to generate constant revenues from the agricultural activities. Mapping the products’ value chain represents a key activity which in turn can facilitate the access of the products to more remunerative markets. In this frame, FEEM will deal with the analysis of the supply chain of specific local products (i.e. tomato, poultry, maize, cocoa and cashew) in order to picture the bottlenecks of the supply chains and identify improvement strategies, boosting sustainable development of the community.

With this project, FEEM promotes research activities aimed to support and deepen the knowledge in a strategic sector for a Sub-Saharan African country. At the same time, local communities are supported with empowerment promotion through specific training activities, job creation and development of skills and entrepreneurial attitude. Additionally, FEEM supports ENI in its sustainability strategy plan for the years 2019-2021, and expand FEEM network in a sub-saharian country where direct partnerships are not present yet.