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Substantial changes in the recent history of international relations between global economic and political forces call for a reflection on the reconfiguration and reorganization of the international political system. Key for undestanding this process of change are the concepts of destatization and neopatrimonialism, which are determined by the growing interdependence of international relations.

FEEM is pleased to announce the publication of FEEM Brief 3.2018 by FEEM researcher Veronica Ronchi as background reading for a reflection on these topics that will be analyzed in a series of lectures devoted to the current political shifts in sub-Saharan Africa, a subcontinent that is experimenting with some of the most original forms of governance in the world.

The first lecture, by Funké Micheals, Edward S. Mason Fellow at Harvard University and Nairobi University , will explore the relationship between State and corporate power systems in the Sub-Saharan Africa, and will be held at FEEM in Milan on 25 June.

Visit the Web Page of the Lecture by Funké Michaels!