Exploring the Future of Energy



Identifying Companies Leading the Transition to Circular Economy

FEEM hosts the presentation of a study that develops a methodology to measure the circularity by classifying and evaluating information published by companies on raw materials


Dynamic, incentive-compatible contracting for health services

This paper aims to characterise a dynamic, incentive-compatible contract for the provision of health services in Italy


The European Economic Transition before, during, and after the Pandemic through the War in Ukraine

This article employs a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the economic policies implemented by the European Union to manage the shocks generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the inflationary crisis in 2020-2022


A decomposition and decoupling analysis for carbon dioxide emissions: evidence from OECD countries

This study provides an in-depth analysis of how to reduce CO2 emissions, which is crucial for both global and regional climate change policies, in the OECD countries


Looking to the Future

The interviews edited by Equilibri Magazine, FEEM’s on-line magazine on Sustainable Development, to some of the most prominent international economists to understand the now and envision the future


RICE-MED, an integrated assessment model for the Mediterranean basin: assessing the climate-economy-agriculture nexus

The paper assesses the impact of climate change damage on key macroeconomic variables in the Mediterranean regional context

Our Research

Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development

Following the path toward social, economic and environmental sustainability

The Foundation promotes the UN SDGs assessing policies and developing indicators and tools for the adoption sustainable development

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Climate Change Adaptation

Exploring and testing adaptation mechanisms to the climate crisis

This FEEM’s programme supports scientific research on climate change adaptation at global level by dealing with the Venice’s case study

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Econometrics of the Energy Transition

Understanding drivers and variables of the energy transition

The Foundation develops advanced econometric tools in order to detect the interaction between climatic, energetic and economic factors

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Labour in the Low-carbon Transition

The emergence of new job and skills for the ecological transition

In this program, FEEM explores the impacts of climate policies and of new professional roles on the labour market

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Modelling the Energy Transition

Studying the energy transition in dynamic modelling and settings

This research programme focuses on renewable energy and environment’s models and uncertainties in relation to the macroeconomic context

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Technologies for the Energy Transition

An overview on innovation and technologies in the energy sector

FEEM analyses the cost-benefit of low-carbon technologies adoption in the energy system, with a special focus on the role of hydrogen

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Natural Resources

Research on natural resources-society nexus

FEEM conducts scientific research on water, food and energy management and conservation


Oil and Gas

A rigorous research on fossil fuels’ global energy market

FEEM’s studies and analyses on the role of oil and gas in the energy markets


Sustainable Society

Theory, culture and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

FEEM is the SDSN’s hosting istitution in Italy while researching and promoting the United Nations Agenda 2030


Climate Change Economics and Policy

A scientific approach on climate, economics and society research since 1989

FEEM conducts research and hosts conferences on public policy and economics of climate change mitigation


Energy Markets and Technologies

Examing the energy markets’ decarbonization

FEEM analyses with advanced tools the technological transformation of energetic systems


Climate Finance

Weighing climate policies variables on financial markets

Our institution assess the role of sustainable finance and the economic impact of carbon emissions market


General Economics

Economy, Energy and Environment: the three distinctive “Es” of FEEM research

Research on economics, energy and environment has been FEEM’s hallmark since 1989



An interdisciplinary scope beyond economics, energy and the environment

FEEM gathers studies and contributions from other sectors for cultural and scientific sharing


Global Governance and Policy of Energy

Providing ideas and solutions for regional and global energy issues

Our institution studies international cooperation among key actors on energy policies


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