FEEM- Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation is organizing a new School of the Souths of the World to be held in Milan on November 4th-8th 2019. The School will present a shared vision over the historical making, current transformation and future development of the global South, where urbanization processes, population, resources, energy, creativity will be more and more located. In order to do so, a network of Academia in Cities (currently Accra, Bangalore, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Naples, Paris, Passau, Pune, Toulouse, Trento, Santiago de Chile) is engaged in such a common effort. Cities will be the focus of the School: economic, social, environmental and anthropological approaches will be welcome. Cities infact are the new protagonists of global development, particularly in the Souths: the current explosion of urbanization is concentrated in Asia, Africa and Latina America. The variety of human, social and environmental phenomena taking place in such cities is wider and more diverse with respect to Occidental city models. Technology, demography and the role of the States will be the next testing grounds for human development in the near future. 
The FEEM School is a trans-disciplinary research and training project. The goal is to construct a new interpretative framework for the Souths of the world, and to develop projects with Professors and PhD candidates of the member Universities.