2015 Climate Cinema is a series of events taking place in five parts from February to June 2015. Each session will show a screening of one to two short films dealing with climate change. These films come from past editions of Think Forward Film Festival that takes place every year in Venice to showcase films on climate change and renewable energy. In addition, a short IFAD film/report addressing climate change will also be shown. A panel including one person from Think Forward Film Festival/International Center for Climate Governance and one person from IFAD will be available to answer the audience’s questions.


Well Beyond Water
Andy Ross, 27'00", documentary, Australia and United Kingdom

A personal documentary filmed by English composer and musician Andy Ross who finds himself immersed into the unlikely world of Australian sheep farmers who are dealing with a prolonged and difficult drought.


Modern Nature
Craig D. Leon, 26'36", documentary, Brazil

By the year 2050, 10 billion people may populate Earth. Do we need a genetic revolution to feed the world? Modern Nature takes the viewer on a non-narrated odyssey where the viewers explore the challenges that mankind faces and whether organic or GMO is the answer. Filmed in Brazil, Ecuador, the US, St. Kitts and Nevis, Modern Nature is an award-winning documentary which includes perspectives from 5 continents, including MIT philosopher Noam Chomsky, Delhi-based environmentalist Vandana Shiva, and Los Angeles street farmer Ron Finley.

Working language: English.
Registration is required. For information and registration: events@iccgov.org or 041/2700442 (Silvia Nevi).

This seminar has been jointly organized by ICCG and IFAD.


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