2015 Climate Cinema is a series of events taking place in five parts from February to June 2015. Each session will show a screening of one to two short films dealing with climate change. These films come from past editions of Think Forward Film Festival that takes place every year in Venice to showcase films on climate change and renewable energy. In addition, a short IFAD film/report addressing climate change will also be shown. A panel including one person from Think Forward Film Festival/International Center for Climate Governance and one person from IFAD will be available to answer the audience’s questions.


Forests: the heart of a green economy
Toby Richards, 11'57", documentary, United Kingdom

Produced for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), this film highlights the critical role of forests in combatting climate change as well as supporting the environment, the economy, and human well-being through REDD+ initiatives.


Black Inside – Three Women's Voices
Rodney Rascona, 11'53", documentary, United States

Nearly half the planet still cooks over an open fire. Each year over 4 million people lose their lives, mostly women and children, from breathing the toxic smoke created while cooking over an open wood fire to feed their families. Black Inside presents three women from three continents – three voices who regardless of their cultural differences or the hardships they endure, share the same aspirations of a better life for their children, framed by the mist shrouded cliffs of the Peruvian Andes, India's richly chaotic border with Nepal and the remote, drought affected arid lands of Kenya's northern deserts.


The Windmill Farmer
Joaquin Baldwin, 4’33”, animation, United States

A nurturing farmer in is danger of losing his crop of windmills when he struggles against the cyclical forces of nature. Created at the UCLA Animation Workshop, with music by Nick Fevola.
This film was inspired while driving back from a trip to Palm Springs, when a friend said that it must take them forever to plant and grow so many windmills. Baldwin wrote down the title The Windmill Farmer for an idea to explore later, and about a year later he started developing it into a character and story.

Working language: English.
Registration is required. For information and registration: events@iccgov.org or 041/2700442 (Silvia Nevi).

This seminar has been jointly organized by ICCG and IFAD.


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