Research Associate
Giulia Lucertini

Giulia Lucertini, planner and architect, PhD in valuation and local economics and decision aiding. She began his research activity in France, at the Université Paris Dauphine, with a research grant on decision support in the safety of territories posed at high industrial risk. From 2013 she became a post-doc research fellow and as adjunct professor of Regional Economic Development, City Planning & Policy Design Studio – Planning, Evaluation and Assessment Module and an option course on Urban Metabolism at the Iuav University of Venice now at the . In this period she deals mainly with resilient spatial planning, evaluation and analysis of projects and public policies aimed at climate change adaptation. In recent years, she has also worked on the circular economy and urban metabolism linked to land use planning for a more sustainable and regenerative exploitation and consumption of natural resources, with particular attention to local food policies and local agriculture.

The current research interests are about the evaluation and construction of projects and policies for urban and rural development (in their interaction and dependence), considering the multifunctional aspects of urban and peri-urban agriculture from two point of view: economic&social of space regeneration and creation of sustainable economies, and environmental of resilience and adaptation to climate change.



01.01.2019 / 31.12.2025

Research Project | Ongoing Project

FEEM@Iuav | EPiC – Earth and Polis Research Center

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