Guide to Collections


Monographic works are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification, grouping texts on the shelves in accordance with their discipline or field of study. This method groups on the same bookshelf those books which are akin. Dewey Decimal Classification is based on a hierarchical principle of classification (for instance, production economics has number 338; economics of transnational enterprises has 338.88).

The location code of each monograph is made of its Dewey number, plus three letters taken from the name of the author or from the title. In some cases arabic numerals are added at the end, in order to avoid homonymies.


About paper journals, all issues published in the current year are displayed in their showcases. Preceding years’ issues are placed on the bookshelves in the upper gallery. Their location codes are found in the catalogue and refer to the position of the shelf (e.g. B4, H3, etc.).

About electronic journals, the Library has a subscription to Science Direct Corporate Edition, a collection of 2.500 journals consultable from the Library computers and the full-texts are downloadable from January 2015 until today.