As the the evidence on the links between climate change and business is becoming clearer, the debate on these connections is expanding and engaging an increasing number of stakeholders and discussants. At the European level, the discussion fits into the regulatory framework set by the European Commission, which aims to guide firms to disclose information on how climate change affects their business, and on the methodologies they adopt to tackle this issue.

Amongst the normative prescriptions and the non-binding recommendations – in particular concerning the ones published by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) – the Metrics and Targets section is crucial. The majority of the firms lacks a sound methodology and the tools to evaluate the impact of climate-related risk and opportunities. As a result, some think tanks developed scenario tools especially for firms to widen their information assets and improve their investment decision process.

This webinar will present the tool developed by Carbon Tracker, an independent think tank, which focuses on the transition risk inherent in climate change under different scenario hypothesis.