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The EU, US and China are the most important geoeconomic blocks aiming to have a leading role in the global energy transition. They will position themselves at times – and depending on the issue – either in cooperation or in competition to each other to pursue global leadership in the field of the energy transition. This project will analyze decarbonization strategies and related industrial policies of the three major geoeconomic blocks (EU, US, China): inside their own block, in relation to each other and in relation to the rest of the world (e.g. Russia, India, other South East Asian countries, Africa, Middle-East, Latin America). A major originality of the work will consist in analyzing the geopolitics of global energy transition in an interdisciplinary way integrating among others technological, financial, geoeconomic and geopolitical approaches.

The results and outputs of the project will include:

  • A multi-disciplinary and integrated vision on the main aspects of relevance for the energy transition in these three geo-economic blocks (EU, US and China);
  • Dedicated working papers on energy transition policies for each block, on bilateral relations between blocks and or relations with a specific third-party (e.g. Africa);
  • Peer reviewed papers on specific aspects of relevance to be identified during the project.