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The research will have as general subject the cities and will adopt a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at studying the economic, social and environmental dimensions of the ongoing transition towards resilient and sustainable urban models. The main objective is to focus on the environmental challenges that urban areas will have to face in the years to come, offering feasible and replicable answers.
In this regard, the concepts of resilience and urban metabolism will be investigated, in theoretical and applicative terms: this will allow to define new interpretative and operational paradigms, consistent with the changes taking place in urban areas, first of all climate change and “circular” proofreading of products and services.
The theoretical and methodological evolution will operate on several aspects: from the management of natural resources to the limitation of land consumption, from the design of green infrastructures to the protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
Urban models will have to be sustainable also in social and economic terms, so the commitment of FEEM and IUAV will be addressed not only to cities in developed countries, but also to developing and transition countries.

During the first year, the main research areas will be:

  • the integration of spatial analysis tools within models for territorial interpretation (with particular attention to the issues of vulnerability and risk of urban systems);
  • the possible applications and effects on the territorial planning of approaches based on the concepts of urban metabolism and circular economy;
  • the economic, environmental and geographical aspects related to the demand and supply of energy on a sub-urban scale;
  • the development of downscaled econometric models;
  • the economic evaluation of ecosystem services offered by urban green areas and the evaluation of climate change adaptation measures;
  • actions for reconstruction and development in critical urban contexts (for military, political, social, economic and/or environmental events).