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Following the summer school “Energy Management and Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa” conducted in Bari during the summer of 2019, FEEM and POLIBA intend to consolidate their collaboration in Kenya by exporting their skills for a capacity-building project. POLIBA Digilab is the chosen instrument. DigiLab is the new contamination lab for young people who want to generate business ideas with experts from different sectors, participating in training experiences based on unconventional methods. The sectors in which it operates are the digital economy and its applications in business and the third sector – green economy, agri-food, industry, commerce, health, public administration, tourism, entertainment, voluntary work, cultural heritage, research. In particular, FEEM will focus on energy and agri-food issues.

Creation of a training course based on unconventional methods for young people who want to develop business ideas.