The European energy system is profoundly changing, on the basis of two
main trends: decarbonisation and digitalisation. On the one hand, strong
decarbonisation policies have reshaped the European energy system,
notably incentivising the deployment of renewable energies. On the other
hand, technological advancements have allowed the emergence of new
digital technologies that change the way energy systems are operated. In
this rapidly changing situation, European energy companies need to
rethink their business models, in order to survive – and ideally make
the best – of the ongoing energy transition. In order to better
understand how these companies can evolve in the future, FEEM ‘Energy
Scenarios and Policy’ program convened on June 14, 2017 in Milan a
closed-door brainstorming workshop gathering leading experts in the
field from the industry, the academia and the institutions. This Brief
provides a reflected summary of this workshop.