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The UN Sustainable Development Summit at UN headquarters in New York is underway to formally launch the ambitious new 2030 sustainable development agenda to promote shared prosperity and well-being for all over the next 15 years. The “Sustainable Business and Social Change Initiative (SBSC-I”) of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, a cross-cutting research programme focused on the international governance of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, is pleased to announce the release of the volume “A Global Pact for Sustainable Development. Processes and Actors in the 2030 Agenda”. The volume, published as an open-access e-book by FEEM Press, aims at raising readers’ awareness on the milestones that have marked the history of sustainable development over the past twenty years, the main steps and actors involved, and at creating a framework for reflection on the efforts made and those that remain to be made to define a concrete and long-term scenario of sustainable development.

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