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The International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) – a joint initiative of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and Fondazione Giorgio Cini – is pleased to announce the second edition of the “ICCG Climate Think Tank Ranking Award,” a prize for the best climate think tanks at the global level.

With the aim of recognizing the excellence of the main institutions addressing the climate issue worldwide, ICCG will build a public ranking of the best think tanks active in the field of climate change economics and policy in 2013. The ranking will take into account the quality of a think tank in conducting research and its role in influencing climate and energy policy.

Participation in the ranking is free of charge and open to all of the 293 think tanks listed on the ICCG Think Tank Map as of December 10, 2013. In order to take part in the ranking, think tanks on the Map have been invited to fill out an ad hoc survey form. The deadline to complete this survey is March 15, 2014. Following this date, the ICCG Think Tank Map team will process the data collected and compile the final rankings by publishing a methodological report.

This year’s edition has a novel methodology, which is divided into two categories:
• A global think tank ranking
• A university-affiliated think tank ranking
The two rankings will be compiled on the basis of a series of indicators that assess the activities carried out by a think tank, including its scientific output, verified through the number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals; its degree of activity in organizing conferences and seminars, and in participating in the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); and its degree of information dissemination through the participation in carefully selected international conferences on climate and energy, web performance, and use of social networks. After being normalized by the size of the think tank (based on the number of researchers), indicators are aggregated into a final score using fuzzy weights, making it possible to take into account inter-criteria interactions. A panel of internationally renowned experts was involved in determining the appropriate fuzzy weights to be applied to these indicators.

The prize for the best climate think tanks in 2013 will be announced and awarded at the 5th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE) in Istanbul, Turkey, held from June 28 to July 2, 2014. The 2013 prize, awarded to both the best global and university-affiliated think tanks, consists of an artistic glass sculpture fashioned by a master craftsman from Murano.

The Think Tank Map Observatory, a project developed by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), was launched in 2011 as an instrument for providing a complete overview of active think tanks in the field of climate change economics and policy. The Think Tank Map is not only a showcase for every organization working on climate change economics and policy, but is also a catalyst for new cooperation opportunities, allowing stakeholders, researchers, institutions, and the media to be informed of all relevant activities and to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships.

•    Think Tank Map: www.thinktankmap.org
•    Isabella Alloisio, ICCG Think Tank Map Coordinator: ranking@thinktankmap.org