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The FEEM series of scientific lectures Thinking Ahead is a cycle of periodical events with outstanding keynote speeches (45 min.) delivered by personalities from Academia, International Institutions, High Profile Corporations to detect signs of new trends, research pathways and innovations. The issues covered in the lectures will be related to FEEM’s research topics to contribute to a sustainable future.

The events are by invitation only and participation is free of charge. The lectures will be delivered to a selected audience both international and national. The public of each lecture will be invited to participate in the debate. A FEEM research program coordinator or a senior researcher will moderate each lectures.

Series of Lectures
1st meeting
The Role of Digitalization for a Sustainable Energy Transition by Laura Cozzi
Laura Cozzi is Head of Energy Demand Division, World Energy Outlook at International Energy Agency and member of the FEEM Scientific Advisory Board.

The energy world is going through a profound transformation as two trends reshape the energy system: decarbonisation and digitalisation. Which role can digitalization play to meet sustainable energy needs? Digital technologies are important for sustainability, as they can be a key enabler of decarbonisation by helping to integrate higher shares of renewables in the energy system. The electricity sector and smart grids are possible targets of this digital transformation, but ultimately all sectors across both energy supply and demand will be affected. Digitalization could also play an important role in fostering energy access in developing countries, allowing a leapfrog of traditional energy systems.

Laura Cozzi may lead us in understanding these new developments as she co-directed, with Dave Turk, the study on “Digitalization & Energy”, published by IEA in November 2017.