FEEM, in collaboration with Associazione Alumni Accenture, Fondazione Italiana Accenture and b-Venture, has promoted the training workshop “Share in action”. The workshop is part of a wider initiative, a contest (closed last 25 May) aimed at promoting, developing and implementing innovative collaborative projects – submitted by profit and non-profit entities and teams of individuals – able to combine digital technologies and enhancement of services in the fields of hospitality, culture and welfare.

The training course (20 hours) is addressed to the finalists and includes focuses on:

  • "Sharing economy"
  • Collaborative service and business models
  • Business plan (with exercises)
  • Design of collaborative services
  • Building and managing a Community
  • Digital Innovation
  • Elevator Pitch (with exercises)

April Rinne, Shareable Cities Advisor, will join the workshop giving advice and bringing international best practices.

The two winners – Profit and Non Profit –  will be awarded on 17 June at Expo site – Accenture Lounge with a fee of € 10,000 each and a process of incubation and training at b-Ventures’ coworking spaces.

“Share in Action” reflects FEEM’s objective of enlightening the existing link between social innovation and business while promoting “shared value” processes among society.

More information are available on the “ideaTRE60” website: http://shareinaction.ideatre60.it/

Closed-door workshop, by invitation only.