On 26-28 January 2011, FEEM will host at its headquarters in Milan the second Annual Meeting of the LIAISE (Linking Impact Assessment Instruments with Sustainability Expertise) Network of Excellence (NoE).

LIAISE is a project supported by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme involving FEEM in a partnership with 14 European Research Institutes working in the field of Impact Assessment (IA) from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The main purpose of this partnership is to identify and exploit opportunities to bridge the existing gap between the research and policy communities in this field, building a concrete roadmap towards a virtual centre of excellence to improve the use of IA tools in policy making and to provide a continuously updated shared research agenda on this topic. At the Milan Annual Meeting Liaise partners will assess the progress of the Network and will discuss thematic areas in this field.

The meeting will also be an opportunity for LIAISE offsprings to present their research work. For more detailed information on LIAISE please visit the project website.