The Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE), is glad to announce its Fourth Annual Conference, to be held at the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna from 11 to 12 February 2016.

The conference full programme is available at the IAERE website.

Keynote lectures will be given by two distinguished economists:

  • Prof. Matthieu Glachant, from Cerna – Centre d'Economie Industrielle MINES ParisTech, will talk about “The economics of corporate sustainability”;
  • Prof. Jeroen van den Bergh, from the Institute of Environmental Science & Technology of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, will talk about “National and international rebound to motivate climate agreement”.

The progammme comprises a Plenary Policy Session on “Green Fiscal Reform and abolition of environmentally harmful subsidies: what possible actions for Italian and European environmental policy?”, chaired by Dr. Aldo Ravazzi Douvan, from Italian Ministry of Environment and Green Budget Europe. The panelists will be Prof. Carlo Carraro (FEEM Scientific Director), Prof. Edoardo Croci (IEFE, University Bocconi), Prof. Alberto Majocchi (University of Pavia)  and Prof. Massimiliano Mazzanti (IAERE President, University of Ferrara).

Parallel sessions will be comprised of 59 high quality presentations selected out of the 107 submissions received.

During this year’s Annual Conference, the Association is inaugurating its IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award, a recognition that is given to the best paper presented by a young economist at the Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE).  With this Award the Association aims to reward new ideas addressing key environmental and resource economic issues at the national, European and global scale.

In addition to a stimulating scientific programme, the conference activities comprises a social programme meant to facilitate reciprocal acquaintance and debate in a more informal environment.

Anna MONTINI (Chair), University of Bologna
Rainer ANDERGASSEN, University of Bologna
Giacomo CALZOLARI, University of Bologna
Luca LAMBERTINI, University of Bologna
Andrea MANTOVANI, University of Bologna


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