The 2016 Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC), entitled “Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target”,  it aims to foster the scientific debate among scientists, policy and decision makers (Italians and foreigners), NGOs members and other stakeholders whose activities are focused on climate change, as well as its relationships with the environment and socio-economic systems, opportunities and solutions helping in respecting the recent Paris Agreement.

The Conference is organized by SISC in cooperation with others Italian Institutions.


The main objectives of the Conference will be to summarize the Italian experience on climate research and policy action, within the international setting, and specifically:

  • To promote an interdisciplinary platform for sharing and discussing on climate risk for the environment and the society
  • To highlight the scientific advances made to address the different aspects of climate change
  • To explore possible solutions to cope with climate change by promoting a dialogue on policies and strategies regarding adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable growth.

Main issue

The main topics that will be covered during the 2016 Conference edition will be:

  • Extreme Events
  • Climate Impacts
  • Adaptation opportunities
  • Sustainable development
  • Policies
  • Mitigation
  • Climate Services
  • Decarbonization