FEEM, in association with the Basque Centre for Climate Change, Conservation International, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the United Nations Environment Programme, announces the Twelfth International BIOECON Conference "From the Wealth of Nations to the Wealth of Nature: Rethinking Economic Growth".
The Conference targets researchers, environmental professionals, international organizations and policy-makers who are interested in working towards a better, more effective stewardship of natural capital.

The central theme will focus on the identification of the most effective and efficient instruments for biodiversity conservation, such as auctions of biodiversity conservation contracts, payment-for-services contracts, taxes, tradable permits, voluntary mechanisms and straightforward command and control measures.

Special attention will be given to the role of public bodies/NGOs in the creation of innovative mechanisms for the delivery of ecosystem benefits and in promoting the participation of a wider range of economic agents (business/families/local communities) in biodiversity conservation.
We will also focus on policy reforms in specific sectors, including agriculture, urban planning and green buildings, fisheries, forests, industry, renewable energy, waste management and water, tourism and transport, focusing on the roles of each in green economic development.
In addition, particular attention will paid to analyses of the impacts and dependencies of different businesses on biodiversity and ecosystems, and the potential contributions of corporations to a more resource-efficient economy.

The role of biodiversity as an employment generator will also be addressed. Finally, we will take a close look the beneficiaries of biodiversity and ecosystem services, exploring the potential use of these resources for poverty alleviation, and with examples of successful policies to this end.

Leading international environmental economists will present their latest research in two plenary sessions:

  • Prof. Geoffrey Heal, Columbia Business School, USA
  • Dr. Joshua Bishop, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Switzerland

Two specially-focused round table panel discussions are also scheduled:

  • Bringing science to action: insights from conservation practitioners, chaired by Conservation International
  • Innovative participatory methods on valuation: a social take on biodiversity values, chaired by the United Nations Environmental Programme.

    On September, 29 the Ecosystem Services Training Day is scheduled. This event, organised by the FEEM in association with Conservation International, is  targeted to all BIOECON participants, and required of participants from developing countries whose participation has been sponsored through scholarships by UNEP.

    Themes to be address include "Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Payment for Ecosystem Services, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation, REDD+, Decision-Making Tools" followed by the presentation of case studies. Instructors refer to both scientists and practitioners from different organizations. 

    For further information, please visit the Conference and Ecosystem Services Training Day websites.