Senior Specialist
Tiziana Perri

Tiziana Perri holds a PhD in Chemistry Sciences from University of Studies of Basilicata. She previously worked as a researcher fellow on chemical and biochemical aspects of elastin-like polypeptides as precursor biomaterials for cardiovascular prosthesis in Chemistry Department of University of Studies of Basilicata. During that period, she was also involved in European research project, named Bio-insecticides from Insect Parasitoids (BIP). Since 2007 she extended her knowledge  towards environmental chemistry, working as analytical chemist for the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Basilicata (ARPAB), as a member of a task force from Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare – Direzione per la Ricerca Ambientale e lo Sviluppo and  specializing on analytical method for the evaluation of micro-pollutants in water, soil and air.  Currently, the area of her knowledge covers the environmental legislation in force in Italy, pollution spreading in water, soil and air, and related adverse human health effects coming from exposure to micro-pollutants. She has joined FEEM in Viggiano, Italy,  as environmental chemistry expert, working on a project that aims to evaluate environmental impact of the pollutant emissions that arise from oil extraction and oil activities in Val d’Agri (Basilicata, Italy).

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02.10.2023 / 30.06.2024

Research Project | Ongoing Project

Climate ecologies in reclaimed coastal productive landscapes – ReclaiMEDlanD

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