Mert Demir

Mert Demir is a Senior Data Scientist based in Rome, Italy, with a strong academic background in Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics and Computer Science at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, MIT and Princeton University. He holds certifications from IBM, Google and various universities, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Mert has gained valuable experience in roles as Data Scientist, Python Instructor, Product Owner, and Lead Data Scientist, where he contributed to the development of advanced data analytics solutions, Python training programs, automation systems, and artificial intelligence applications. Fluent in Turkish, English, Italian, and Arabic, Mert approaches his work with a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to inform strategic planning and drive innovation. Since February 2024, he has been working as a researcher at FEEM in the Sustainable Mobility (SuMo) Program, conducting research with a focus on data and scenario development on fleet, emissions, and fuel evolution.



Sustainable Mobility

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