Anna Maria Giampietro

Anna Maria Giampietro was born in Potenza in May 1973. She graduated in Agricultural Science at the University of Basilicata. After the professional qualification she worked as a freelance, involved in several projects with public institutions and private societies.
Since 2008 she is working in FEEM supporting educational activities applied to social sector in Technology Hub Project in order to overcome the Digital Divide. She is collaborating in the drafting of Social Report of Val Camastra (the only example of social report which involved 4 municipalities in Basilicata).
She is involved in research activities in the area of sustainability of the municipalities in Basilicata, through a survey aimed at monitoring the approach of the municipalities towards issues such as renewable and alternative energy. Moreover, she is involved in research activities concerning the valorization of tourism and of archeological goods aimed at creating a “smart area”in Basilicata.

+39 0975 311259