Junior Researcher
Beatrice Ala

Graduated in International Cooperation and Development, she has work experience in the analysis of energy dynamics at a national and international level. She carried out an internship at the Permanent Representation of Italy to International Organizations; here she followed issues relating to Industrial and Energy Policies and supported the Representation in the development of a national strategy regarding the energy and digital transition at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA). She followed the 3DEN Project, the flagship project of the Italian initiative for clean technologies at the IEA. Additionally, she co-organized a high-level conference hosted at the OECD on critical minerals. At a national level, she collaborated with the Center for International Studies (CeSI) in Rome. As part of the Geoeconomics Desk, she dealt with the assessment and analysis of global energy benchmarks and economic dynamics, considering the strategies planned and implemented by the European Union for the energy transition and the environmental policies implemented. Furthermore, she co-authored the CeSI Insights produced for the International Politics Observatory, in collaboration with the Senate of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, analyzing the geopolitical opportunities in the Arctic region, the role of energy resources, the race for critical minerals and the reconfiguration of the geography of trade flows.



Sustainable Mobility

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