Finanziato da: EU Call: INTERREG Italia-Croatia 2014-2020 Programme
gennaio 2019 / dicembre 2020

A Resilience information platform for Adriatic cities and towns (ADRIADAPT)

The proposed actions aim at promoting local and regional resilience by developing the knowledge base required to identify suitable climate adaptation and planning options, thereby enabling local authorities to respond to policy needs related to climate action in urban and coastal zones of the project area. This goal will be supported by four actions:

  1. Harmonize and improve available climate related knowledge generated by existing national and European monitoring and data collection networks, and produce high resolution datasets and projections that provide detailed and reliable information on climate-related impacts in the regions, which will be shaped into readily-usable forms for the decision making process.
  2. Create a climate information system or knowledge platform for the Adriatic region containing best practices, guidance documents, legal frameworks and climate and vulnerability studies, to foster the design of multi-scale adaptation and resilience plans and measures, which will support safe and sustainable socio-ecological systems, linking natural, social and economic dynamics that cross transversally from the inland, coastal and marine areas in the two partner countries.
  3. Test and integrate the knowledge platform in selected Italian and Croatian pilot cities and extended urban areas where adaptation and resilience plans will be designed. Special attention will be paid to the construction of green and blue infrastructures and the use of nature based solutions to improve sustainable development and increase the resilience of the socio-ecological system.
  4. Maintain and disseminate the information contained in the knowledge platform as a region specific repository for climate policy and plans, which provides support and locally relevant information for follower cities aiming at climate resilience planning. Pilot areas will become a first core group of Adriatic cities working on climate change adaptation, to be further expanded in future initiatives.
Risultati Principali


  • Provide climate data and related information: the project outputs will consist in an inventory of climate data, climate indicators and climate related information co-defined in close collaboration with stakeholders (local policy and decision makers) and in an assessment of climate change signals in the region of interest, including extreme events.
  • Enhance knowledge planning of adaptation measures in the cooperation area: the project will provide selected, userfriendly information for the Adriatic cities and other interested stakeholders, in form of best practice examples, guidance documents, legal frameworks as well as specific climate and vulnerability studies for the area, supporting diagnosis and policy solutions for local resilience.
  • Increase preparedness of Adriatic cities and towns: the project will experiment innovative climate change adaptation plans, which will be based on a common modular methodological framework. Starting from the information about how climate is expected to change in the Adriatic area, it will investigate how urban and coastal areas and their hinterland will be affected and how they can prepare for better addressing these future changes.
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Team di progetto
Responsabile del progetto
Musco Francesco
Senior Research Associate (IUAV) Leggi


  • Iuav, Università di Venezia

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