The Social Cost of Electricity. Scenarios and Policy Implications

Tipo: International
Autori: Anil Markandya, Andrea Bigano and Roberto Porchia
Publisher: Edward Elgar, Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development
Data: 2010


This book reports and rationalizes the state of the art concerning the social costs of electricity generation. Social costs are assessed by adding  to the private generation costs, the external costs related  to damages to human health, the environment, crops, materials, and  those related to the consequences of climate change. The authors consider the evolution of these costs up to 2030 for major electricity generating technologies and, using these estimates, evaluate policy options for external cost internalization and provide quantitative scenarios, by country and primary fuel, for 2010, 2020 and 2030. While mainly focusing on European countries, the book also examines the situation in key emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil and Turkey.

Contributors: H. Allal, S. Arnold, A. Behrens, A. Bigano, M. Blesl, G. Bökenkamp, L. Brander,  W.-J. Chou, D. Diakoulaki, C. Egenhofer, R. Friedrich, K. Halsnæs, S. Hirschberg, O. Hohmeyer, A. Hunt, O. Kuik, O. Løfsnes, K. Magnussen, A. Markandya, S. Navrud, T. Niesor, W. Nijs, R. Porchia, P. Preiss, A. Rabl, L. Rosendahl Appelquist, B. Tennbakk, C. Tourkolias, M. Urbani, A. van der Welle, B. van der Zwaan, S. Wissel, X. Zhu


All databases on emissions, external, private and social costs and the tools used for policy evaluation are available to the reader in a dedicated page of the CASES website.

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