13 aprile 2017

ICCG Webinar on "Water, Wastewater: Center Pieces of the Circular Economy"

Dove: Venice
Sede: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore
30124 Venice
and Online Webinar
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Orario dell'evento:

h. 15.00 webinar


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Stefan Uhlenbrook, Coordinator of the WWAP, UNESCO programme and Director of the Programme Office on Global Water Assessment in Perugia

Since November 2015, Professor Stefan Uhlenbrook is the Coordinator of the UN World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP, UNESCO programme) and the Director of the Programme Office on Global Water Assessment in Perugia, Italy. Before that he worked at UNESCO-IHE as Professor of Hydrology (since 2005), Deputy Director (Vice-Rector) for Academic and Student Affairs (2000-2014) and Director a.i. (acting Rector; 2014-2015). He did his PhD (1999) and habilitation (2003) at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He is also a professor for experimental hydrology at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (since 2009). Professor Uhlenbrook’s main expertise includes water assessments, hydrological process research, river basin modelling and water resources management. Many of his research and development projects have demonstrated the impact of global changes on water cycle dynamics in different hydro-climate regions in Africa and Asia. He is keen on translating science-based water knowledge to effective policies and strategies that contribute to environmental, economic and societal sustainability. Therefore, Stefan is involved in supporting Member States in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly SDG 6 on Water and Sanitation.


The presentation will demonstrate the key role water plays for sustainable development in all its dimensions – from an economic, social and environmental perspective. The content will be based on the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) 2017 “Wastewater: The Untapped Resource”.   It will show how investments in water and sanitation can lead to the creation of jobs and sustainable development. Furthermore, the critical role of wastewater management as an integral part of the integrated water resources management will be discussed.   Wastewater represents an alternative yet reliable source of water and by-products (nutrients, energy, metals), therefore, it is a key component in the necessary move towards a circular economy.   Introduced by:
Carlo Carraro
, ICCG Director and FEEM Scientific Director   Moderator:
Dionisio Perez
, Research associate at FEEM and AXA Research Fund Post Doc Fellow at CMCC

The speaker will give his presentation at ICCG-Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei headquarters in Venice (San Giorgio Maggiore Island).

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Water, Wastewater: Center Pieces of the Circular Economy
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