5 ottobre, 2016

ICCG Webinar on "The Role of MDBs in supporting Mitigation Initiatives in Developing Countries"


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h. 16.00 Online Webinar



Marcene D. Broadwater, International Finance Corporation

Marcene D. Broadwater is the Global Head of Strategy and Business Development for the IFC/World Bank Group Climate Business Department.  In this capacity, Ms. Broadwater is responsible for growing IFC’s investments in sustainable business with an emphasis on renewable power, industrial energy efficiency, green buildings, urban infrastructure, climate-smart agriculture and distributed generation.  Most recently, Ms. Broadwater led the efforts on the IFC Climate Implementation Plan to scale up climate to 28% of IFC’s total business in 2020 and to mobilize $13 billion in private sector co-finance for climate. She is currently heading initiatives to transform green building practices in developing markets, expand clean energy investments beyond the power grid, and aggregate energy efficiency investments for institutional investors.

Ms. Broadwater has substantial investment experience within IFC, primarily in energy-related industries, and also served as IFC’s Country Manager for Peru and Bolivia.  Before joining IFC, Ms. Broadwater was a Finance Manager with the Amoco Corporation and was responsible for structured financial transactions for Amoco’s Power, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas divisions.

Ms. Broadwater holds a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University.


MDBs play multiple roles in supporting climate initiatives in emerging markets – including policy reform, firm-level technical assistance, placing investments, tapping into sources of concessional funds, and mobilizing additional co-investors. These will be illustrated through 3 case studies:

  • green bonds,
  • scaling solar initiatives, and
  • green buildings.
The presentation will also discuss the latest trends in MDB financing, including more than $131 billion in climate action committed since 2011 by the MDBs and leveraging $55 billion in additional finance for climate projects in 2015 alone. The MDBs leverage each other by acting as a unified group, including committing to scaling up climate action in a statement released at COP21, committing to Mainstreaming Principles on integrating climate into operations, and harmonization and transparency in reporting.

As emissions from emerging markets are expected to sharply rise and those from high-income countries flatten out, MDBs offer a path for maximum “bang for buck” in terms of GHG reductions, by financing important demonstration projects, helping to create the right enabling environments through policy and financing instruments, and providing technical know-how to projects on the ground.

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