8 novembre, 2017

ICCG Webinar on "Building resilience to climate disaster risk: innovation and best practices" – Best Climate Practices 2017 Award Webinar

Dove: Online webinar
Orario dell'evento:

h. 14.00 Webinar


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Dionisio Perez Blanco
Disaster Risk Reduction specialist
Introduction: Exposure, vulnerability and resilience to climate disasters

Elisa Calliari (from COP23 in Bonn)
Researcher on Disaster Risk Reduction and climate change adaptation
Jury member of Best Climate Practices 2017 Award
Global context and challenges, what to expect on DRR from COP23

Zehra Zaidi
Sustainable development and Disaster Risk Reduction specialist
What’s next for DRR? Key areas for intervention

Aurora D’Aprile
Researcher on Climate Policies and Practices
Best Climate Practices Observatory Coordinator
Emerging ideas and methods to address climate disasters from BCP 2017 participants

Frei Sangil
Director of Layertech Software Labs
Presenting the project: Balangay Legazpi, Winner of BCP 2017

Elizabeth English
Founder and Director of Buoyant Foundation Project, Associate Professor at University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Presenting the project: Amphibious Housing, Special Mention of the Jury BCP 2017

Eshwer Kale
Research consultant in Climate Change Adaptation projects at Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR)
Presenting the project: Water Stewardship for water and food security in semi-arid regions, Special Mention of the Jury BCP 2017


This webinar, which is dedicated to the Best Climate Practice Award, is the occasion to showcase the most innovative and compelling projects that have participated in the 2017 edition of the contest, and to explore the landscape and challenges of climate resilience and disaster risk reduction strategies.

Low-income countries and small islands are the most endangered by climate change impacts, but local communities in both cities and rural areas are exposed to disaster risk in the richest and most developed countries as well. Environmental degradation and socioeconomic factors like poverty and urban population growth contribute to increase communities’ vulnerability to natural hazards.

For these reasons, the Best Climate Practice Observatory, a project launched by ICCG in 2012, chose to dedicate the fifth edition of the Best Climate Practice Award to the theme “Building resilience to climate disaster risk”. The aim is to award and promote actionable ideas and concrete projects designed to support urban and rural communities in preparing and responding to climate disasters, improving local resilience, preparedness and recovery capacity.

Join the webinar to discover how communities around the world are responding to climate disaster risk, and to interact with innovators and the authors of projects participating in the Best Climate Practices 2017 Award.

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Building resilience to climate disaster risk: innovation and best practices

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