30 marzo, 2017

FEEM Research Seminar on "Energy efficiency: the Italian model following the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" Commission's package: a legal analysis"

Dove: Venice

Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Isola di S. Giorgio Maggiore, 8
30124 Venice
Video-conference  at FEEM Milan

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Orario dell'evento: h. 12.30 Seminar
In Venice a light lunch will follow the seminar for registered participants.
Informazione: Registration is required. Please confirm your participation here. The seminar will be broadcasted via GoToMeeting. Seminars Office,

Giovanna Landi, Politecnico di Milano


The European Union includes energy efficiency among those priority measures that citizens and Member States are asked to adopt for the achievement of as reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of green markets based upon clean energies.  This concept is strengthened also in the recent (November 2016) European package for consumers towards clean energy transition, named “Clean Energy for All European” and it is a pivotal criterion for all the European legislative measures on energy and energy consumptions by certain sectors (real estate, transport etc.).

Italy is on its way of implementation of such rules by the mean of national laws and a National Energy Plan (under review). Such domestic measures are based on certain innovative concepts, such as the exemplary role of public authorities, the use of a certain kind of contract (so called EPC, Energy Performance Contract) never used in public sector, the creation of dedicated companies (i.e. ESCO, Energy Services Companies) as leader players in the energy market.

In spite of any legislative efforts, the energy efficiency market in Italy is not very well developed yet and there are a number of obstacles, which seems to be not easy to overtake. Nevertheless, energy efficiency is mainly based upon certain behavioral attitudes, which are not so popular in the country, but lead to extreme success certain initiatives abroad.

The seminar shall discuss and explain failures and success case studies connected with the energy efficiency strategies, starting from a presentation and interpretation of the legal framework, and commenting on the main players involved (i.e. public authorities, companies, financing institutions, citizens).
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Clean Energy for All Europeans. Commission's package: a legal analysis
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