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The Water for SDGs projects aims at developing the AFRI-NEXT platform, a data-driven information and decision support system equipped with a webGIS dashboard addressing the Water & Citizens theme in Africa. AFRI-NEXT provides data and tools supporting decision & policy making interfacing quantitative indicators on the distribution, management and dynamics of African resources and risks. AFRI-NEXT focuses on water resources and hydro-climatic extremes in relation to climate change and the effects of sustainable development policies.

AFRI-NEXT transfers the GFPLAIN250m dataset and tool that were recently published by the AFRI-NEXT development team (Nardi et al., 2019 Scientific Data) together with dataset and indicators released by international organizations on water e human/urban footprint/nexus themes (WorldPop, GUF, …). The platform is built as a horizontal solution – integrating an extensive set of open geo data characterizing the water resource-risk matrix – and supports the development of multiple vertical solutions linking FEEM key strategic thematic areas for Africa with specific regard to the Water e Food security, WEF Nexus, natural disasters and climate change and also addressing in general water challenges within the 2030 Agenda.

  • Highly advanced technological solution-oriented platform addressing key scientific and strategic challenges of the Water & Citizens theme;
  • Fully developed technological transfer of solid research, know-how, skills and tools also including the production of manuals, guidelines and demo tests for sharing and demonstrating the value and usefulness of AFRI-NEXT on relevant case studies.