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Kenya is a leading country in Africa, especially for the implementation of strategies to promote decarbonisation and fight climate change (as stated in its National Determined Contributions). Lately, the country designed an Action plan focused on the Big Four, i.e. four strategic sectors for the development, aiming at giving tangible shape to its dominant role in Africa. FEEM, thanks to its expertise, is able to assess the impact of national energy strategies at economic and environmental level, also giving forecast on future energy scenarios. FEEM will co-develop (in collaboration with Kenyan partners) a modelling framework able to integrate the supply chain analysis of local products (e.g. coffee), the actual energy system and the effect of possible improvement strategies on these sectors. In such a way, FEEM will be able to sustain local decision-makers in the development of guidelines for country development, with analysis of impacts at an economic, social and environmental level.

The first results is the multidisciplinary research, both theoretical and applied, based on knowledge sharing with African partners, performed with an innovative modelling approach based on the integration of different tools: from supply chain analysis of local products (important for Kenya economy) to energy modelling and LCA I/O models for the macroeconomic and energy policies. In this way, different improving strategies for the national development can be analyzed, focusing on their impacts on national goals and on the alignment with the international sustainable framework (SDGs, etc.). The second result is the empowerment of African stakeholders and communities, thanks to capacity building programs with an inclusive and proactive approach, with organization of workshops and courses to promote ownerships and transfer knowledge about the modelling tools. The last result if the creation of strong and long-lasting partnerships with Kenyan stakeholders, to enforce FEEM international network.

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