Globalisation involves complex shifts in the world’s social, political and economic paradigms destined to unhinge consolidated transnational relations and to lay the groundwork for future governance scenarios. A multidisciplinary approach, including the sociological, economic, anthropological, political and technological dimensions, is needed to fully comprehend the complexity and interdependence of these changes. FEEM’s “Economy and Society” Series aims at stimulating and disseminating novel perspectives to interpret the multiple cultural, economic and geostrategic challenges ahead. Capitalising on the international lectures of the Research Programme “Economy and Society”, each volume will propose a different topic, opening the debate to a variety of interpretations and providing the scientific community, decision makers and civil society with the latest theoretical insights in view of a new planetary governance.


The relationship between Islam and the Western world has long been harmed by mutual misunderstanding and mistrust. Over the last decades, few observers and media on both sides have been able to debate about religion and tolerance, laicism and radicalism, coexistence and contrast with objectivity and openmindedness. Yet, the renovation processes currently taking place in large parts of North Africa bring about new questions that cannot be left unanswered: what are the consequences of the Arab uprisings? What are the prospects in the relationship between Islam and Europe, immigration and demographic processes, cultural diversity and integration? Tarek Heggy, one of the most influential and nonconformist voices of the Middle-East intellectual arena, offers a fascinating and detailed cross-cutting overview of the main historic, political and sociological dynamics underpinning Islamic society, focusing particularly on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and shedding light into current attempts to reconcile Islamism with modernity, democracy, human rights and multiculturalism.

ISBN number: 9788890991813

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