In 2009, FEEM launched a new publication explicitly targeted to policy makers: the FEEM Briefs.

FEEM Briefs represent the virtual place where science meets policy. They are short papers that concisely address key scientific and policy issues and foster the dialogue between the two spheres. Building on the results of the projects carried out within the Research Programmes, FEEM Briefs provide the reader with evidence-based information. They pose (new and) thought-provoking policy questions and offer fresh insight into potential or alternative policy actions.

FEEM Briefs are mainly targeted to policy-oriented audiences but their format is conceived so as to be accessible to other sets of readers, such as stakeholders, media and the general public. The main objective of FEEM Briefs is to disseminate research findings and communicate (policy) messages in a focused, understandable, and succinct way.

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