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The sustainability of the private sector and of the whole social system requires companies and non-profit organizations to collaborate in a new strategic way able to deliver social and market innovation. On July 3, 2015 FEEM, in collaboration with Fondazione Italiana Accenture (FIA) and ACRA-CCS, organized and hosted the workshop “Convergence between profit and not for profit to achieve sustainable value", within the Social Enterprise World Forum 2015 held in Milan (1-3 July). The keynote speech by Nobel Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, wrap up the meeting.

Interview with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus



How could the non-profit sector maximize its impact by working along with the private sector?

Vice versa, how could companies enhance their own “social impact” by working with the third sector?

What kind of governance structure is needed in order to manage private-public partnerships, increasingly considered as an essential tool for sustainable development?



Streaming of the workshop



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