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Different disciplines, different voices, a solid conviction: cooperate and bring together different points of view to produce an integrated, multidisciplinary vision on climate change.

The ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE ended on November 20th with the scientific firms that organized the event taking turns on stage to send the Paris COP21 a clear message from Italy: a message of cooperation and interdisciplinary integration. The full text of each statement is available online at this web page, in English and Italian.

The event also produced a joint Scientific Statement on Climate Change, whose full text is available online at this web page, in English and Italian.
It is a unique document in its kind, addressed to policy-makers, entrepreneurs, institutions and public opinion on the challenges posed by climate change. The authors are representatives of the several Italian scientific firms and associations that co-organized the event.

The message was delivered to Gian Luca Galletti, Italian Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea at the opening of the symposium organized in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which hosted event.

The Scientific Firms and Associations that participated in organizing the event and that delivered their statement at ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE are: SISC – Società Italiana per le Scienze del Clima, AGI – Associazione Geofisica Italiana, AIAM – Associazione Italiana di AgroMeteorologia, AIEAR – Associazione Italiana degli Economisti dell'Ambiente e delle Risorse naturali, ATIt – Associazione Teriologica Italiana, CATAP – Coordinamento delle Associazioni Tecnico-scientifiche per l’Ambiente ed il Paesaggio, COI – Commissione Oceanografica Italiana, FLA – Fondazione Lombardia Ambiente, GII – Gruppo italiano di Idraulica, HOS – Historical Oceanography Society, SIDEA – Società Italiana di Economia Agraria, SIF – Società Italiana di Fisica, SMI – Società Meteorologica Italiana, UNASA – Unione delle Accademie di Agricoltura.

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