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 4–5 October 2022
EUREF Campus

XI New Paradigm Workshop 
The Return of the Good Jobs – Towards a New Setback?

On Wednesday October 5th, Prof. Francesco Vona, Labour in the Low-carbon Transition (LILT) FEEM Research Program Director, will intervene – among other experts in the research field – as speaker in the session “Preparing for a Climate-Neutral Economy – More Good or More Bad Jobs to Come? “, chaired by Tom Krebs, Universität Mannheim.

The Workshop
For decades, poorly remunerated jobs boomed in both the USA and Germany. Now, Joe Biden and the traffic light coalition have made it their top priority to create “good jobs” again. How far have they come with this – one year after Olaf Scholz took office; and shortly before the mid-terms in the USA? And are inflation, geopolitical disruptions and recession threatening to undo the successes?
Dani Rodrik, one of the masterminds behind “Good Jobs,” discusses this with Jörg Kukies, chief economist and sherpa to the German chancellor. Sociologist Jutta Allmendinger presents her research on the return of good jobs in Germany. DGB head Yasmin Fahimi argues with renowned experts about the power and powerlessness of male and female employees – and whether the shortage of skilled workers is reversing the roles. We talk to Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger about how good education can actually make for better work.
The two days will also be about how much good work a climate-neutral economy promises to bring. And that all arguments seem to speak in favor of the four-day week, that is already being tested in Spain or Great Britain. Jens Südekum and Anton Korinek discuss whether it would be a good idea for politicians to consciously promote technologies that do not replace work.

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