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World Environment Day turns 46. It has been 46 years since UN General Assembly decided to celebrate it for the first time after the launching of UNEP (UN Environment Programme). “It’s Time for Nature” is the slogan for this edition and it represents the intention of protecting the essential connection between Nature and the development of human activities. The attention reserved to matters as conservation of ecosystemic balance, defence of biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources is aimed at the construction of a development model that contains growth and respect for the limits of the Planet.

Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, international think tank, is engaged, as always, in contributing to define a growth paradigma attentive to the respect of Nature. Our research programmes are focused upon decarbonization, Agenda 2030 of United Nations, management of resources, urban sustainability, pollution factors related to different environment divisions, sustainability of lands, prevention of natural events and even more matters.

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