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Laura Cozzi

The energy sector is the source of around three‐quarters of greenhouse gas emissions today and holds the key to averting the worst effects of climate change, perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has faced. The IEA’s recently published Net Zero by 2050 roadmap for the global energy sector tackles this challenge head on, highlighting that the world has a viable pathway to a global energy sector with net-zero emissions in 2050. The IEA’s Chief Energy Modeller, Laura Cozzi, will present the key findings of the Roadmap, the world’s first comprehensive study of how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050 while ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies, providing universal energy access, and enabling robust economic growth.

Jorge Blazquez
In the last 18 months there has been an acceleration in climate policies and today around 70% of global carbon emissions are under net zero commitments. The analysis and understanding of this type scenarios is key for governments, industrial consumers, energy companies, and society. But what do we really know about deep decarbonized scenarios? What is role of electricity in this type of scenarios? How much oil and gas does the world consume in a net zero economy? Is really hydrogen a key fuel? How much bioenergy can the world produce? Jorge Blazquez, Senior Advisor for the Energy Transition at bp, will explore different net zero emission scenarios, discussing common trends and some specific characteristics.