#EverydayClimateChange is an exhibition by James Whitlow Delano and Matilde Gattoni which presents the works of photographers from all continents. The exhibition offers a new perspective on climate change, exposing its important role for food security and development.

On July 28, 2015 at 18.00 FEEM hosted a meeting with the curators of the exhibition James Withlow Delano, American photographer known for his work on human rights, and Matilde Gattoni, Italian/French photographer specialized in environmental and social issues. The meeting presented and discussed the birth and the ambitions of the project on climate change that gathers together photographers from all over the world.

The exhibition is open from 28thJuly to 28th August from Monday to Friday (h. 14.00- 19.00) at Institut français Milano.


He has lived in Asia for more than twenty years while documenting environmental and human rights issues: the tumultuous development of China, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis, conditions at Kabul’s drug detox and psychiatric hospital, the indigenous people of the Amazon and Andes, the devastation of Malaysia due to oil palm plantations, the “standing girls” or sex workers of Tijuana in Mexico’s Zona Norte, the desertification in China,the cyclone in Burma, etc.

James Whitlow Delano is an internationally awarded American street photographer. Aware of the common thread running through many of the environmental and humanitarian issues reported by his works from around the world, on January 1st 2015, he launched the project Everydayclimatechange. This is a new climate change feed on Instagram and Facebook showing that climate change is real and raising public awareness and engagement.

Now, from July 28th to August 28th 2015, an exhibition in Milan organized by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei presents the project while exposing the works of 25 photographers from all continents.

“I would like people to see themselves in those photos and bridge the distance”, Delano says. “As mentioned, climate change is not just happening ‘over there’ it is happening ‘over here’ and everywhere. We are the answer, all of us”.


#EverydayClimateChange photographers share photographs made on 7 continents to present visual evidence that climate change doesn't just happen "over there" but that climate change is also happening "right here".  Photographers come from the north, the south; the east and the west; and are as diverse as the cultures in which we were all raised. #EverydayClimateChange presents the work of committed, enlightened photographers who share back stories, contextualizing not only the effects of climate change but also potential solutions to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases on our world. The photographs peel back the visual layers and look more closely at the visual evidence.