Senior Researcher
Roger Cremades

Asst. Prof. Dr. Roger Cremades is a social-ecological complexity economist. Roger has more than 10 years of experience in climate change adaptation in China, India, the Americas, and several European regions. Roger coordinated research and co-production projects on climate change adaptation. His work on the intersection of complex systems, global change, and economics appeared in top journal like PNAS, Ecological Economics, Nature Climate Change, and Nature Geoscience. Roger is elected member of the Council of the Complex Systems Society (2019-2022) and co-chaired the Development Team of the Finance and Economics Knowledge-Action Network of Future Earth (2020-2022). Roger is known for applying complex systems methods such as networks, cellular automata, AI, or adaptive cycles, thus producing innovative work about socio-economic tipping points, the dynamics of social norms, the sustainability frontiers of cities, the economics of the water-energy-land nexus, machine learning predictions in the use of natural resources, and climate-risk insurances, to mention a few. Roger likes good coffee, good food, spices, and multiple fermentation processes. A few times every winter, Roger either breaks the ice in a frozen lake and jumps into the water, or does things of the sort on freezing torrents and seas.



Climate Change Adaptation

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